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At DealerAlly, we take the “Ally” part of our name very seriously. We’re not just here to offer security system financing.  We strive to be a partner who propels your growth and success. Our array of free, value-added services are proof of our commitment.

Customer Proposal Generator (CPG)

DealerAlly’s proprietary CPG is a quoting tool available only to DA Partners. Build proposals, select financing terms, run credit checks, submit support documentation, and sign contracts all from your phone or tablet. This intuitive, cloud-based tool, developed using Salesforce’s backend framework and securely hosted on AWS, will have you closing more and selling more immediately.

Residential and Commercial – See it in action!

Partner Portal

The DA Partner Portal is where you’ll find the Customer Proposal Generator and so much more.

  • Upload and manage your product catalog and pricing.

  • Set up user accounts for all personnel with three authority levels.

  • Sort, search, view, and download a detailed log of your customers’ loan applications and status.

  • Access comprehensive remittance reports that detail funding dates, purchase amounts, financing terms, net proceeds, and more.

  • Plus, our  Resource Library contains valuable support videos, training decks and tips.

  • Reach out and we’ll give you a tour!

Proforma Software

Our free Proforma software helps you quantify the impact financing can have on your income and cash flow, allowing you to leverage it with maximum effect.

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Broker Services

Let DealerAlly position you for the most profitable business transactions, including the best liquidation strategies. Our extensive industry expertise can:

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