Residential Security System Financing

DealerAlly Removes Your #1 Sales Obstacle

You’ve done the hard part; the customer is emotionally “sold.” They want to buy.

Now, can they afford it? Converting upfront costs into a series of low monthly payments will close sales, on-the-spot, before your competition walks in the door.

Only DealerAlly lets you offer Blanket Credit Approval with no wait, based solely on a homeowner’s FICO score. Your sales team will thank you, and so will your bottom line.

76% of buyers are more likely to purchase a big-ticket item when customer financing programs are available.

100% approval security system financing

Blanket Credit Approval from 650+

Only DealerAlly makes this possible! With 100% approvals for any applicant with a FICO score of 650 or higher, your biggest barrier to entry is gone. You’ll be saying “YES” to customers more often because DealerAlly promises:

We Put You in the Driver’s Seat

With DealerAlly, design custom payment plans to meet your customer’s needs. Complete all submissions and agreements electronically for immediate approvals and sign-offs.

Flexible Payment Plans

  • Multiples up to 97X NET

  • Offer consumer financing up to $85,000

  • Payment factors starting at 1%

  • Interest rates starting at 6.9%

  • No money down, revolvers and closed end terms available

Online Resources

  • Free Customer Proposal Generator software handles payment calculations

  • Free Proforma Software helps you grow your brand and business

  • Dealer Portal provides notifications, reporting, and sales tools

  • Integration with leading CRMs

Sell More with Non-Recourse Security System Financing

Whether you sell alarm systems, camera systems, access control, monitoring services, integrated home automation, or all of the above, partnering with DealerAlly can increase your average ticket value. Customers purchase up to 30% more when you offer consumer financing. Adding sensors, cameras, or other devices to a quote increases payments by just dollars per month.

We Finance More than Just Security

Our consumer financing programs apply to industries beyond security! We can help you close more, upsell more, earn more, and improve cash flow, no matter what products or services you offer.

  • Audio Video Systems

  • Water

  • Roofing

  • Home Automation & IoT

  • HVAC

  • Electrical

  • Home Improvement

  • Generators

And so much more!

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